My Mission:

Through my understanding of how the mind and body work together, I will help you figure out what keeps you stuck in harmful patterns and how to better deal with overwhelming emotions.  Sometimes we replay past trauma.  Other times we can't stop thinking about unpleasant or unwanted things.  Our bodies also store emotions, and they may hold the key to the change we seek. I am a compassionate listener, and I provide a safe, welcoming environment where we can discuss the events or feelings that trouble you. Many people come to therapy feeling trapped or helpless. Rest assured, it is possible to change your reality by understanding the patterns, conflicts and obstacles that interfere with your success and happiness.

A combination of the psychotherapeutic process, mindfulness, and EMDR, will help you will learn to become more aware of why you act, react, and feel the way you do. You will develop more constructive methods to resolve life's difficulties and stressors, and you will work to strengthen your inner resources. As this occurs, you will discover that your life becomes more in tune with your goals and ideals. You will feel stronger and happier.

Please contact me for an initial consultation.